Refrigerator Leaking

There’s nothing worse than walking downstairs to find a pool of water on the kitchen floor. And you know it can mean a hefty bill. You might find yourself asking “Why is my refrigerator leaking?”

But what if you knew how to fix the problem? Even preventing it from worsening until it’s repaired will save you money. And it can be a simple temporary fix too.

Here are four common causes of a leaking refrigerator and how to fix them fast.

1) Blocked Defrost Drain

If you find the defrost drain blocked, the quickest fix is to clear the blockage yourself. Use a screwdriver to chisel any surface ice. Then, use a cooking syringe to put warm (not hot) water into the drain hole. The warm water will melt any ice and clear the blockage.

2) Blocked Water Supply

Like a blocked defrost drain, a blocked water supply is repairable by yourself. If your fridge has a separate water vessel, check the valves in the dispenser to see if they need replacing. And if your fridge connects to the water supply, make sure you turn the water off first!

Then, all you need to do is unplug the fridge and take a look. If you can see a clog in the pipework, allow the ice to defrost and then plug back in. Otherwise, inspect for damage, and if there is damage to the piping contact a repairer.

3) A Defrosting Freezer

A defrosting freezer is something you spot right away. It’s easy to blame a family member for leaving the door open or turning the freezer off at the mains. But when you come back to it, and it’s happened again, there’s something else going on.

In rare cases, it may be that the fuse has blown in the plug. But it’s a faulty seal. You can fix the seal by buying a replacement and fitting it yourself. Even better, clean the seal with soap and water, and then apply a small mineral oil dose to the seal to coat it.

4) More Complex Problems

If it isn’t in the top three issues, it could be a common problem that needs more attention than at first sight. For example, if you can’t see the source of the leak, but you are sure a leak exists.

You’ll need a professional to come and look at the fridge to repair it in these cases. They may be able to restore it on-site, but they will have to take it away and fix it in some cases.

Make sure you research if a refrigerator repair contractor is reputable and qualified. Doing so will avoid disappointment and further costs down the line.

Why Is My Refrigerator Leaking?

Beyond the above fixes, there could be many other factors. Especially if you can’t see the cause, getting a professional involved is good advice. There’s no denying, though, that there’s usually a quick solution that can save you some money and time.

Now you have an answer for “why is my refrigerator leaking?”, keep reading for more top lifestyle tips.