YouTube has truly been a revolutionary platform. It has turned the tables for the term profession in so many ways. In today’s day and age being a YouTuber means you are a professional at your job. There are so many people around who started with nothing and have gotten very far thanks to this platform. YouTube is all about entertainment and that is why people who are being YouTubers for entertainment purposes are reaching sky high. However, before they got there, they had to start from the very bottom. They needed a minimum amount of subscribers to get paid by YouTube.

The minimum amount of subscribers

  • In order to get paid by YouTube, you need at least 1000 subscribers. Even if your subscriber count is 999, you would not be paid single money until it touches the 4 digits. But that’s not it, you wouldn’t be paid just if you have a thousand subscribers, there is much more to it other than getting free YouTube subscribers.
  • There was a time when it required only 10,000 views to get paid by YouTube. It means that if one of your videos clicks more than 10,000 views, you would be paid instantly. However, YouTube has seen through its policies and come up with new ones to ensure a more strict way of going about things.
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  • You would be required to have 4,000 hours of watch time and it needs to happen within 12 months. YouTube has a count of the watched hours in a period of a year and in case the limit is checked, only then will a YouTuber be paid 
  • It means that not only do you have to get free YouTube subscribers but you need to ensure the other things as well. It has been changed for a couple of years now and there is a big reason behind this change. Almost every YouTuber was getting paid in the amount of time and the policies quite liberal to be very honest. Hence coming up with this new book of rules might help this place to secure better funds for its own rights.
  • You cannot be looking to copy someone else’s content on YouTube and use it for yourself. Most of the popular handles would take the actions straight away and would want the video to be deleted. If that happens, YouTube officials would not think twice before deleting your video. So in case you want to use someone else’s content, you need to make sure to ask them first before you use it otherwise all your hard work will go to waste.

Bottom Line

These are some of the things that you need to consider while using YouTube to get free YouTube subscribers. You need to have a minimum thousand subscribers and it is definitely not an easy deal. But if you have got fresh content which people will find watchable, you will see the subscriber count go up and up from time to time. You just got to have the faith in your content!