Skin Friendly Green Hand Soaps

Most of the hand soaps available in the market contain alcohol. Such hand wash is neither good for skin nor cost-effective. It is not at all recommended to use by the children. 

So, as a solution, most of the commercial building has adapted to green hand soaps which are the best guard for your health as well as a fit for use in all the ways. 

If you own a personal office, educational institutes, food outlet, health care organization or any other business, you must prefer general purpose hand soaps. 

Kutol is one of the most hygienic hand wash designed by the team of best doctors and healthcare specialists keeping in mind the usage for all age groups and skin types. 

This hand wash kills approximately 99.99% of germs that is only 0.001% less than the alcoholic hand washes available in the market. However, the benefit of this handwash is much higher than alcoholic based products available across the world. 

How green purpose hand soaps are better than general handwashes for commercial buildings?

There are multiple advantages of using green hand wash. Some of the most common ones are discussed below in brief – 

1. Cost-effective

If you compare the cost of a hand wash to a general soap bar, you would find that it is considerably expensive. Also, the life of a soap bar is much more than that of handwash. 

If the general handwash or hand sanitizer is used in the commercial building, it can prove to be very expensive. General purpose hand soaps, on the other hand, cost much less than the normal handwash that is available in the market. 

So, if you use these products in your commercial buildings, it would be budget-friendly as well as it would provide you with necessary hygiene. 

2. Sulphates & Parabens Free

Most of the products including handwash, shampoo, and other skincare items contain sulphate and are harmful for use. 

It results in a number of side effects, both in children as well as adults. However, one can notice the complications in a child earlier than adults as their skin is much more sensitive. 

In a commercial building, there can be visitors or customers of all age groups. Therefore, you must be careful about the products that you offer for your general use. 

3. Made up of Natural Ingredients

General purpose hand soaps contain the derivatives of plants and trees and do not have any of the formaldehyde preservatives. So, it can be used for all the skins. Moreover, it does not contain any artificial dye or fragrances.

So, it cannot prove to be harmful or allergic in any way. One can use it anytime in all weather conditions. Moreover, it has some of the natural skin-friendly derivatives like Papaya, Aloe vera, Cucumber, and other such gels that keep your skin healthy as well as moisturized. 

4. Biodegradable Packing & Certified Green Seal

The manufacturer of the product has not only kept in mind the ingredients used in the products, but they have also used eco-friendly products for packaging purpose. In short, after the use, you can decompose the packet or bottles without causing any harm to the environment. 

Plastic and other harmful products do not decompose completely and in the end, all the human species have to bear the consequences. So, the kutol comes up with a product that is helpful in all the ways. 

If you want to buy handwash for the commercial buildings especially the school and healthcare departments, green soaps should be your first choice, whether it is a school-going child or a patient in your hospital or clinic. Both might be weak in their immune system. 

Therefore, there are higher chances for them to get affected by the germs and associated diseases. Moreover, kudos is offering you the best product at a price that is minimal without any compromise in the quality of the product. 

Final Words

Researches have proved that alcohol-based skin and hair products have led to the beginning of multiple health disorders. These disorders start to develop slowly in your body damaging your skin cells, taking away the moisture of your skin, and resulting in multiple harmful consequences. 

The skin of various people using the alcoholic based product was compared to those who use general purpose hand soaps. The result of the people using alcoholic handwash had no moisture content. The skin has gone rough and dry over time. 

However, if you change the use of hand wash even now to non-alcoholic skin-friendly green soaps, it is possible to retain back all the ideal characteristics of the skin. 

Therefore, it is necessary to be careful about choosing your product for your skin. All the traits to check while buying a product are clearly mentioned in the blog.