MBBS from Abroad

Are you going to study MBBS abroad? Best of luck! But getting admission to a high-end university is more competitive than ever before. Therefore, you need someone who can help you in finding the right university and completing the application process, International Training and Consulting Services – the best overseas education consultants can help you. 

ITCS is the leading consultant company in Bangalore helping thousands of students daily in getting suitable universities who wish to study MBBS in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, the Philippines, and many other popular countries. We know studying MBBS abroad is a dream of every student. With years of experience in consultancy and apt knowledge, International Training and Consulting Services has helped several students with the best MBBS universities in collaboration with recognized healthcare organizations such as WHO, MCI/NMC, UNESCO.

Among the various top consultants in Bangalore, ITCS has set a benchmark in the industry by placing countless students in the top MBBS universities in the world. The experienced consultants hold extensive knowledge about the world-best MBBS institutions and their fee structure. They precisely guide students for the best courses and universities in the world including Ukraine, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Russia, and other most favorite destinations of the students. With guidance about the courses and destination, they ensure students about the best-in-class facilities and opportunities they will be getting when studying in those universities.

With the world’s best MBBS abroad consultants, International Training and Consulting Services are providing consultancy to Indian students for more than a decade. Parents or guardians who are looking for a safe and qualitative medical institution should directly contact International Training and Consulting Services where some best education consultants will simplify your queries and concerns about your child’s safety and studies. 

Team ITCS is dedicated to providing the required directions with an accurate fee structure to study abroad for Indian Students. To let the students meet educational goals, ITCS has shortlisted the universities and has collaborated with them. ITCS provides complete services, from making an application to admission decisions, finalizing admission to completing the admission process, visa guidance to accommodation guidance, and other requirements in order to provide hassle-free admission and shifting abroad. 

If you’re concerned about the fees then study abroad consultants in Bangalore have shortlisted universities to pursue MBBS in Ukraine, MBBS in the Philippines, MBBS in Bangladesh, MBBS in China and MBBS in Russia for Indian students. Gauge through the below table to learn more about the fee structure 2020-21

S. no. CountryUniversityDuration in YearsTotal Cost in INR (approx.)
RussiaKazan Federal Medical University626,39,000 
RussiaKuban State Medical University621,14,000
UkraineLviv National MedicalUniversity24,42,000
UkraineVinnitsa National Medical University625,66,000
PhilippinesUV Gullas University of Medicine617,83,000
PhilippinesPerpetual  Help system Dalta520,65,000
BangladeshDhaka Medical College532,00,000
ChinaShandong University527,12,000

Note: This fee structure includes college fees, library charges, laboratory charges, and examination fees. No accommodation charges are added to this structure. The fee can be paid yearly or half-yearly installments or a one-time payment.  

So these are the top universities and their fee structure. Knowledge of our best education consultants is not limited to these universities only. They have been delivering services for education counseling for years. Their rich experience in the field of education and constant learning skills fill them with abundant knowledge of the top universities throughout the world. If you have been struggling to take MBBS admission abroad but couldn’t find anyone who can guide you with the right university and the entire process, Study MBBS abroad consultants can help you. 

Get Accurate Guidance From the Best Overseas Education Consultants

We know studying abroad is a dream of every MBBS aspirant. It requires a huge budget from your bank account, so much confidence, and high scores in the 12th boards. You can’t think of studying MBBS abroad with so many concerns. But International Training and Consulting Services will bring life to your dreams. Whether you are from Bangalore or from any part of India, they guide hundreds of students every day and help them to achieve their goals. Apart from Bangalore they also have their branches at Coimbatore, Chhattisgarh, and West Bengal. MBBS abroad consultants have immense knowledge to provide you with the right guidance according to your needs.