A microwave is a small and comparatively cheap appliance that everyone decides to discard once it stops working. What if it has a minor error, and you overlook that? Pick your phone and seek the help of a microwave repairman. He would visit your house and look into the erring appliance. If it is repairable,   he would do that within your budget.  

Over the years, a microwave has become so cheap. People think that fixing it is not a wise decision. If you have bought the appliance recently, it would be in the warranty period. In such a case, you can go about fixing it. Get rid of your microwave oven if you have bought it before 7 to 8 years.

The factors that should guide your decision are

  • Is it worth the repair taking into account the probable remaining life span of the appliance?
  • If you go for a repair, does it have an impact on the working of the appliance?
  • To date, how much you have spent for the equipment?
  • What is the total cost, including the price and the delivery cost of the new piece of equipment?

When you should go for repair?

  • The Life span of the appliance: 

A microwave is an essential appliance that adorns every North American kitchen. They save time and energy for those who face a time crunch due to their busy office schedule. The average lifespan of a microwave is 7 years, going for repair, it is wise if your appliance is only 3 to 4 years old. Sometimes some factors curtail the lifespan of these appliances.

 If you have a big family that uses the appliance so often, the life span may be reduced significantly.

  • The Cost of the equipment: 

A new microwave is only 100 dollars and can go for it if microwave repair will cost you more than that. Calculate the value increase any repair may bring if its life is extended and the benefits it will bring if discarded. 

After considering the benefits of replacement is more, go for buying a new one. You can sell the old appliance after calculating the salvage value and use it to buy a new one. Even if the new microwave will cost you a little higher if it has many features that may outweigh the benefits to cost, go for the equipment.

  • Cost of repair of the equipment: 

Take out the previous repair bills of the microwave oven. If it breaks down very frequently, you can consider replacing the equipment. If it has stopped working only for one or two times, you can go for repairing the appliance.

  • The impact of the appliance breakdown: 

Consider the impact of the erring machine. Does it take days to fix the error? If so, you can go for a new one. 

If an appliance breakdown reduces the utility time compelling to buy a new one, don’t go for microwave repair.

  • Safety to the users: 

If your appliance is more than 8 to 9 years, it is advisable to replace the erring equipment. Examine the equipment in detail. If you doubt there is some serious trouble with the microwave oven, contact the nearest store to buy a new one. 

If it malfunctions, it is likely to cause damage to human lives, sometimes. In such a case, microwave repair is not a wise decision.

  • Take into consideration the efficiency of the equipment: 

If a microwave repair will extend the life span of the equipment, go for it. A simple repair will make it work better than before and for another 6 to 7 years, don’t buy a new microwave oven now.

Now let us see what we can do to maintain the microwave oven properly?

  • Clean the microwave oven every day: 

After using the equipment, take a soft cloth to wipe off the remains of cooked food particles. It will help to prevent wear and tear of the appliance.

  • Clean the outside of the appliance regularly: 

When you regularly use the equipment, grease and dust may corrode the equipment. Wipe off the outside of the equipment to extend the life of the equipment. Keep the countertop where you place the appliance also clean to make it work for a longer time.

  • Use only microwave friendly containers: 

This will not only extend the lifetime of your microwave oven but also good for your health. The plastic containers may melt, leaving behind poisonous materials that would harm your health.

Bottom Line:

In short, when your microwave oven malfunctions, consider whether repairing the appliance will bring considerable benefits against the cost spent on it. If you get YES as an answer, go ahead and fix it. Otherwise, research a little about the features of the new appliance on the internet. But the best one that cost you lesser and offers greater benefits.