In Geometry, we learn about different shapes and sizes. These shapes could be two-dimensional shapes or three-dimensional, such as circles, triangles, squares, cubes, cylinders, etc. Learning about these shapes will help us to understand the kinds of shapes we come across in our daily lives. We, not only learn about the geometrical figures and but also learn to measure them. 

Mensuration is an important topic in geometry where we learn to measure the dimensions of different shapes. Also, we learn the formulas to learn the area, volumes, and length of the shape. For example, the circumference of a circle is used to measure the length of a circular object. Say, a ground in circular shape has a radius of 7 meters. Then we can easily calculate the length of the border of the ground using the formula, Circumference = 2πr. Hence, the length will be 2×22/7×7=44 meter.

Apart from the circumference, the circle has one more important property which is its area. The formula to find the area of the circle is pi radius squared. Hence, we can easily find the area of a circular field. But what if the field is not in circular shape instead it is in a rectangular shape or square shape. Then we need to use the formula for the area of rectangle or area of the square. The area of the rectangle is equal to the length and breadth of the shape whereas the area of the square is equal to length2. The two formulas are different because the rectangle has its parallel sides equal but the square has all its sides equal.

Another important measurement in terms of shapes and sizes or another major parameter of shapes is volume. It is also one of the properties of three-dimensional objects. Volume is not applicable to 2D shapes, because they don’t have a thickness as one of their dimension. 2D shapes have only length and width as their dimensions, but 3D shapes have a height or thickness as an extra dimension. The volume of an object sometimes defines the capacity of the object. For example, a water container has a capacity of 25 liters of water. 

The volume is a quantity three-dimensional shape enclosed by a closed surface. Itis measured in the cubic units, such as cubic centimeters, cubic meters. Hence, volumes play a major role in knowing the space occupied by a solid object. But the two-dimensional shape does not have volumes because they don’t occupy any space.

Similarly, in the initial part, we have also learned about the lines and angles, which defines these objects. For example, with the help of three lines, we can a triangle. Also, we can measure the angles of triangles using a protractor. The line segment is a geometrical shape which tells the distance between the two points. When two rays are combined they form an angle.

So we have known here how the different shapes and their measurements are important in geometry and also in everyday life. Therefore mensuration plays a major role in Maths.