YouTube Video

YouTube commands a huge subscriber base right now, and it’s openly regarded as the best video service available on the internet.  

To get the best off YouTube, users have to select from a range of videos on a specific topic. Some of these videos could number in the hundreds of thousands, if not more, on a single niche. 

So, how do viewers get to select the best videos and make repeated visits for another view? Thumbnails! Thumbnails are the first point of contact a viewer has with your videos. 

When you’ve designed your video the right way and added all the effects needed, the next step is to get it ready for viewership. And to achieve the highest viewership, you’ve got to know how to get a good thumbnail for your video. By following these steps, you will find much higher engagement on YouTube than uploading videos to Facebook or other social platforms.

Luckily, you’re currently reading through the finest info on how to get multiple visits to your site in a shorter amount of time. I’ve got all the experience you need on how to create thumbnails, and I’m willing to share this info with you. Let’s see all you’ve got to know;

Thumbnails 101: Step – By – Step Guide on Creating the Best Thumbnails for Your Videos 

Step 1: Sizing is Key

The first step in creating a catchy YouTube thumbnail is through getting the image dimensions right. When your intent is for more and more people to get hooked onto your videos, this should be on top of your list.

If your image isn’t scaled properly, it may be too small or too big. If your thumbnail is too small, viewers may find it tricky to see what picks their interest in your video. 

Also, if your image is too large, vital parts of the thumbnail may be clipped off by the default pixel dimensions and ratio size of YouTube.

The best path to follow is to create an image that’s readily scalable downward. YouTube allows certain specs on images, and it’s better for your image to be within the 640 X 360 or 1280 X 720 benchmark. Within this range, your thumbnail will be easily accessed by whoever’s interested. 

Step 2: Fonts are also important 

There are lots of things fonts supply when it comes to creating a thumbnail to drive YouTube views for your video.

There are several areas fonts can be used when creating YouTube thumbnails, so picking the right font shouldn’t be trifled with. As discussed on POD blog, finding the right font to make your thumbnails pop is always of the utmost importance. Try to pick a bigger and fatter text that stands out, and use eye-catching colors that pop off the background.

Pick a font that’s easily readable, as stylish fonts don’t do well when your thumbnail is scaled. To ensure what you’re advertising is easy to view, it’s important you get a plain text if possible. 

Step 3: Background Pictures are Essential

Background pics are integral in getting the right thumbnail to draw in views on YouTube. Your background pic tells a story of your video before users get to even open it. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to get the image jam-packed in your thumbnail; there are some easy steps to follow when what you need is a catchy background pic.  

Your background pic should be as descriptive as possible. Use fewer descriptions to create intent in the viewer and get them to click on your video. 

Step 4:  Get a Title Included in Your Thumbnail

A video thumbnail without a title can’t achieve much, because titles add so much to the quality of your video. First off, your title could be used in giving the order to your thumbnails if you’re loading up a series on YouTube. 

Secondly, your video becomes incredibly easier to locate when you’ve got a title added. You

Note that your title shouldn’t be just a formation of text characters, it should have a target. Your choice thumbnail title should illustrate what your video’s all about without holding much back or giving too much away.

If your title text is incomplete, viewers may get confused about what you’re trying to sell. Also, if the text is too basic and gives off too much before viewers get to access the videos, they may abandon viewing it altogether. 

Step 5: Get a Good Title Text Included 

Many thumbnails lack this feature, and it’s a bet that your current thumbnail lacks this too! There are tons of videos on YouTube, which means users have a myriad of options. 

When your video doesn’t stand out with a text describing what the viewer stands to gain, there’s a possibility that your video will be skipped altogether.

There are certainly no restrictions to the area where you can site the text in your thumbnail, but make sure it’s as legible as possible. 

Another thing to ensure when getting a catchy thumbnail is the text itself. What kind of words do you feel will captivate your audience? With too many or too little text displays, you could lose many views concurrently.  

Step 6: Remain consistent with your designs

When you need your video to be identified with ease amongst tons of other videos, what you need is to stick to one design. Sticking to one design helps you get the most of your viewership as users tend to locate your thumbnail template with greater ease. 

For you to achieve the best designs, what you need is a good graphics designer. Start off with an awesome design and remain with it through the course of your video marketing endeavor. 

With so many different video types and concepts out there, it’s important to know what type of thumbnail to create for each. For example, read about these explainer video tips and see how they differ from animation or talking head videos. The way you show these videos through your preview images will be just as important.

Step 7: Make good finishing touches to your design

A quality graphics designer can handle this with ease, but if you’re getting the designs off yourself, enlist the help of an experienced designer at least. Details such as contrast, scalability, overall designs, descriptions and more should be handled in this area. 

When you’re satisfied with the design, there’s nothing holding you back from getting tons of views on YouTube effortlessly. 

Final Word

With the info you’ve seen here, making an eye-catching video thumbnail on YouTube will become as effortless as never before!