Are all the online shopping lucky draws worth the time?

How often have you tried to enroll in an online shopping lucky draw competition out there? Those contests where they ask you a simple question and you answer them, been there done that, right?

Well, for starts, these lucky draws are simply the entrepreneur’s way to give something to their customers so that they will be motivated to buy more products from them. Well, they announce their winners in different ways and if they do not it right, they may displease a lot of them. 

Hence, many people these days think these online shopping lucky draw competitions are a sham. There might be a few bad ones out there, but there are a few genuine ones too.

For instance, there is one company called Lucky Draw where they offer genuine lucky draw deals. You need to follow a certain kind of rules to enter their lucky draws. Just like the normal ones, online shopping lucky draws also have certain rules and regulations.

For starters, you need to be an individual resident of India with more than 18 years of age. If you are the employee or the immediate family of the employee, then you are not eligible to apply. Immediate families may mean parents, children, spouses, or domestic partners. The advertisement agencies the company works with can also not take part in the lucky draw. It is meant to be operated only for the customers. Most of them received cars in their lucky draw prizes. They have won grand prizes such as Tata Safari, Swift Dzires, and bikes such as KTM.

Selecting Winner

They can do it by Facebook Post Announcement. Since this lucky draw is online, you will find it great to announce online. It is legal to announce the winners online.

They can also do it via email or call you. At the time of lucky draw participation, you might have left your email address and number. Thus, if you have ever won any lucky draw, you will be intimated via an email or phone. There might be spam messages too but you will know that these calls are genuine.

There are a few additional terms too. The lucky draw is known by different names and it is the sole discretion of the lucky draw initiator that they cancel the lucky draw. Since it is online, any attack on it like worms or virus attack, then they can be canceled.


Hence, these online shopping lucky draw contests can be trusted and not all are fake. They are definitely worth the time, as you will spend time getting to know the brand and what products they sell. The true brands make sure that they do not support the intervention or corruption in the lucky draw game. They will associate themselves with a good code of conduct. Any inaccurate information or printing errors will result in the exit of the lucky draw contest. Hence, they are definitely worth the time.