Manga is a complicated piece of art, somehow resembling the American comics. Despite being similar, this Japanese reading form has a completely unique spirit. There is a reason why it is so vastly popular, both in its native land and abroad. This type of graphic novel is stretched across all possible reading genres, valued in billions of dollars worldwide. Unlike comics, they are mostly black and white. In this article, we are going to discuss different titles, and at least one of them will definitely suit you.

What To Expect Of This Compilation

This is an article for the person who is just starting out in the manga world or a reader who has just recently become acquainted with the art form. We are going to provide you with the modern classics of the genre, so don’t expect any flashbacks from the ‘50s or even the ‘80s. Also, other criteria are wherever the manga is fully released and translated into English.

This one is going to cover a wide array of genres, so if a few titles aren’t exactly to your preference, keep reading. 

Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama

Today one of the most iconic titles, this one draws attention for its unmatched action and battles. The manga focuses on a human-like alien Son Goku, who looks a bit like a monkey and has a tail. His life’s mission is to find seven dragon balls, which when collected together summon an ancient mythical dragon and he may grant the finder one wish. There are many others who seek the dragon balls, and that is one of the challenges on Son Goku’s journey. Without spoiling too much, we really do recommend giving this one a try if you appreciate hero storylines and fighting. 


Definitely the biggest female hit of all manga’s. This one shouldn’t be limited to the ladies only. The author Rumino Takahashi is the most prominent woman author of mangas. This one centers around a middle-school girl who teleports from modern-day Tokyo to the Sengoku Period, the 15th century full of civil war and conflict one. Can you imagine what will happen to her? We definitely couldn’t, and that’s exactly why everyone watches it. It’s adorable, funny, tragic, and ultra-compelling, despite the premise. She fights demons, befriends some, and is set on a journey to recover a shattered Jewel, all across the whole country of Japan. It has sold more than 50 million copies as of last year. You can buy another one and give it a solid read. Because it’s awesome. 

All of Brilliant Mitsuru Adashi

Now here comes a separate category. This one is for the sports fans, or for those who don’t mind a minor detour from the manga thematic. Adashi’s Magnum Opus, which is this series, is split into two different parts and was written over a span of two decades. His story focuses on a baseball club, which goes on from being nothing to participating in the high school championship. We have found an excellent article recently on Japanese website about Manga Mix, highlighting the differences and similarities between the two (the first and second parts are 30 years apart). Without telling you much of the story, the parts are of course connected but by no means mandatory to read both. No matter which order you choose, it will be a fun experience. Also, an anime was released just over two years ago, so you may take a look at that as well.

The One-Season Yet Unforgettable Classic

Fullmetal Alchemist is so up there in the manga ranks, you ask any fan if they heard of it, they will answer “Read, watched, and then a few times more”. Such a favorite for so many reasons. This story explores the themes of brotherhood, Philosopher’s stone, and it also has one of the most memorable female characters of all time. If you were to ask me which should be anyone’s first manga, this is it. A perfect mix of a mysterious plot, full of deception, salvation, and self-sacrifice. 

Writing Can Kill

Perhaps the most popular manga of all time. The Death Note is one of a kind. A school student finds an ancient notebook with mythical superpowers, dropped accidentally by the Gods. The boy soon discovers that if he writes down anyone’s name in it, they die. Inspired by the utopian viewings of a perfect world, the student decides to end all injustice and crime in the world, by killing all he deems worthy. That turns ugly pretty bad. Here is a funny article about how the Russian court decided to “kill” this and other animes of the same genre.