Dental Problems in Toddlers

George Goyal from Houston says that parents always wish to have the best for their children, their dental health, and overall health. From the time your child’s first teeth grow, it is essential to promote healthy oral health to avoid the most common dental problems in the future. The dental related issues are common among children of all ages and as a result, preventative and proactive dental care is necessary. 

George Goyal Houston is here with seven of the most common dental problems experience among the toddlers as well as in the adolescents. 

Tooth decay (cavities)

Most of the young children are not proficient at brushing and flossing without a proper supervision. It is when coupled with the fact that most of the kids have a sugar-heavy diet, the cavities become a major issues among such children. Tooth decay or cavity can be caused as a result of sticky plaque accumulating on the surface of the teeth. The acid found in the plaque basically eats away the enamel, eventually wearing away at the tooth. 

Tooth sensitivity

Sensitive teeth can be distracting and uncomfortable often disrupting the child’s focus and routine. Tooth sensitivity is caused in children due to several different factors hence taking them for the bi-annual checkups is essential to diagnose the underlying cause. Some of the major things that can cause your child’s teeth to feel sensitive are:

  • Areas of cavity (decay)
  • Newly came out permanent teeth
  • Enamel water or acid erosion
  • Teeth bruxism (grinding)
  • A missing or cracked filling
  • Orthodontic treatment

For the case of sensitive teeth, there exist a variety of treatments that can help to reduce the pain and discomfort that your child experiences due to sensitivity. If the sensitivity is caused due to any dental related problem that your child is facing such as cavity, it is suggested to visit a dentist right away to prevent the issue from becoming worse. 

Dental emergencies

Dental emergencies can be faced at virtually any time. Kids roughhousing with siblings, playing sports or falling while having a bike ride are all the scenarios that may result in dental related emergency due to any accident. Such accidents may result in teeth breaking, chipping or cracking. In certain severe situations, even the permanent tooth many be knocked out completely. If your child’s permanent tooth fall out by any reason, immediately call the dentist for an emergency appointment and take a tooth retrieving treatment. 

Pediatric gingivitis and gum disease

You might be thinking that gum disease is a dental problem found only in adults. But unfortunately, this is not the case. Gingivitis and gum disease can occur even in the toddlers and are quite common in the pediatric dental patients. Gingivitis is pioneer to the gum disease and it is often marked by swollen and red gums, and slight bleeding when the child brushes or flosses. 

Gum disease is found more aggressive in children with poor oral health. It often involves pain in the gum recession, mouth and the areas of swelling. In most of the cases, gingivitis and gum diseases can be avoided if more care was taken while brushing and flossing the teeth daily. In other cases, the child’s teeth may grow in a crowded and crooked condition that they cannot properly clean the teeth resulting in the areas of gingivitis or gum diseases. 

Orthodontic problems

Children rarely have proper straight teeth without going for any intervention. Luckily there are many orthodontic treatments that can help your toddler or teen smile with confidence. The orthodontic problems are often the result of genetics having the size and shape of jaw playing a role in how the child’s teeth grown and come together. Some of the most common misalignment issues found in the children as under bite, overbite, open bite and spacing problems. 

Excessive thumb sucking

Many toddlers, infants or small children have the habit of thumb sucking and pacifier used as a tool to soothe anxiety. It doesn’t really become a problem until the child gets older and still continues the habit as prolonged thumb sucking can result in the issues with the way your child’s teeth develop. Due to this, parents should never allow the habit of thumb sucking to continue past the toddler stage. 

Dental anxiety and phobias

Majorly, many adults and children stay nervous when it comes to visiting the dentist. Hence it is no surprise that kids and teens are often fearful of going to the dentist. Dental anxiety can make it challenging to get the child in for routine dental checkups and teeth cleanings. 


If you are a parent and still worried about your child’s oral health, here are a few common oral problems seen in the toddlers. George Goyal Houston brought you these points to make you aware of such and take precautions to avoid them as well.