men’s wedding bands

You found the perfect man and you said yes to him! The beautiful engagement ring on your finger tells your story, but what about him? Your perfect man deserves nothing less than the most perfect ring. Therefore, your challenge is finding the right ring for your fiancé while keeping in mind their preferences, personality as well as while sticking to your stipulated budget.

Most of us don’t know the variety of beautiful men’s wedding bands that crowd the market and all that information about styles, shapes, colors, and materials can be quite overwhelming. To help you through this decision here is our easy guide –

1.   Dedicate A Good Amount of Time

Buying a ring for your man is quite an important aspect of the wedding, so we say; take your own sweet time. Try on as many wedding bands as you can, because finding the perfect ring from a wide variety of options gets easier if you can see how it looks on you practically. Take a look at the different gemstone options and test different metals and designs before you settle on that one among many men’s wedding bands that will make his eyes sparkle. Take assistance from the staff at your jewelry store to make an informed choice.

2.   Stay Ahead of Time

Given the importance of this decision, make sure that you start early enough. This is not a choice that you make in a rush, so keep this as one of your priorities when you start your wedding preparations. Basically, as soon as he gets that ring on your finger, you have to start looking for the one that you want to put on his! Get to know his preferences for the kind of design that he would like – is he someone who enjoys a chunky design or is he a minimalist, before you start looking. Also, ask him for his preference in material and if he would like a gemstone in his ring and then choose a jewelry store based on all these criteria.

3.   Size That Matters

You cannot buy a ring if you do not know what his ring size is. Most jewelers have the mechanism to get your ring size checked. But fingers are prone to swelling due to heat and cold as well as due to water retention. So, do not take his ring size first thing in the morning or after his workout since both can cause his fingers to swell. Once you have the ring size in place, half your work is done!

4.   Consider his Lifestyle

 Is he an active person? Does his work require him to work with heavy machinery or chemicals? Is he outdoorsy or participate in regular sporting events? If he is someone who has a significantly active lifestyle, you might want to find a ring with an extra durable metal so that it does not corrode with his activity. If he is someone who uses his hands extensively at work, do not get a ring with intricate carvings and gemstones as these can trap dirt in its grooves, making the ring look worn down and dirty.

5.   Be Bold

The idea for a wedding band is often to ensure that both partners have similar designs or metals for their rings. However, if you both are personalities who are significantly different from each other, do not be afraid to mix up your wedding band designs and material. While it is nice to have couples’ wedding bands, your marriage is a union of two very different individuals, and it is great to have that reflected in your wedding bands! So, if he likes gold and you like platinum, go for it and have a perfectly mismatched pretty set of wedding bands.

6.   Think Long Term 

Your wedding bands are going to be your accessories for life. Therefore, when you pick out your rings make sure that you do not get something that you will not be proud of in 15 years. Fashion trends come and go but your marriage is here to stay and to keep that beautiful marriage sanctimonious, you must have a set of rings – for him and for her – that represent the durability, trust, responsibility, and love that characterize your relationship.


Finding the perfect wedding band might seem like a difficult task but with your truest intentions at heart, it is just another important wedding formality that you need to complete with care. Knowing your future husband’s preference in men’s wedding bands is a huge hurdle that when crossed will make this task a cakewalk. So, communicate, discuss and then embark on this journey of finding the perfect men’s wedding band that will remain a symbol of your love for your partner for the rest of your life!