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by ICT PROJECT - Sunday, 29 March 2015, 8:10 PM
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Purpose of the Project

The project aims at fighting against digital illiteracy among adults and youth who are not able to use ICT in daily life or are simply unaware it’s potential. Often these people belong to disadvantaged social groups e.g. school dropouts and immigrants. The project will equip them with the skills to use digital technology to meet their needs and interests and to face the “online”challenge.

Motivation of the Project

We live in a world where using digital Technologies and accessing information via the internet is increasingly necessary. It is becoming part of our daily life. If you are looking for a job or healthcare services or training courses - ICT is the right and most efficient tool. It also offers quick and cheaper ways to connect with friends and families or colleagues to share private moments, ideas and experiences. All this broadens your mind and helps you to stay globally competitive.  The project activities will connect participants in different EU countries online. Thru these contacts they will make new friends and improve cultural experiences.

Target Groups

Adults, people with special needs, people belonging to disadvantaged social groups.

Project Period